New Year and The NLP Meta Model – Free E Book

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The New Year is a time for making resolutions and changes in your life.

Whether you are a student or master of NLP there is likely one particular aspect of NLP that has been a source of joy or consternation in your ongoing journey of self discovery and exploration. This is the NLP Meta Model.

In my experience, having met over one thousand NLP’s, the Meta Model can often be  confusing and one of the least understood aspects of NLP. It doesn’t need to be this way at all! You don’t need to know the confusing labels and terminology.

All you need are examples and a context to put them in. It really is very easy … once you give yourself permission to experience the Meta Model and understand it afterwards. After all this is the basic model for learning. The understanding comes later.

The Meta Model can be simplified to two questions

“What Specifically” and
“How Specifically”

And you can further build up your experience and understanding very easily by downloading this free 56 page e-book. Join well over 1000 people who have already downloaded this free NLP resource.

Make 2010 a year where you can become much more familiar with the NLP Meta Model.

Free NLP Meta Model ebook. Download it now!

Happy New Year!

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