End Your Job Loss Worries – Calling All Public Sector Workers

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It is predicted that the UK job market will stall this year. Research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development states a full one third of employers expect to cut jobs in the next three months. This can read as a very scary and particularly worrying prospect if you have a family to support, a mortgage to pay and a life to live outside of worrying how to meet the bills if the worst happens.

Many people buy insurance from the banks and building societies for things like job loss, ill health and a variety of other predicaments that can happen. These insurance policies depending on their type of cover and exclusions can certainly be on the expensive side. I know that when I was employed working in the software industry, I was paying out well over £500 per month in insurance alone. This covered my mortgage and a proportion of my wages in the event I lost my job or was unable to work. Now this policy ( on reading the small print ) would only come into effect for a maximum of 12 months for job loss. So there was a time buffer but sadly no magic purse that would pay all of my outgoings for more than 12 months. In short it was an illusion of security or a security buffer, and a very expensive one at that.

What if you could look through the illusion of security of what you think you can get and see what you actually want?

Think about it! There has never been any way to really guarantee that a job will be secure for life or that all of your bills will be paid. That kind of security is an illusion yet worrying about job loss, making ends meet and the dreaded ‘Yes But, What If …‘ scenario is extremely real in our present economic climate.

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William Ingram

Research indicates the people hardest hit in terms of job loss will be public sector workers because the government will shed good people to cut their wage bills that the public actually pay anyway. We can worry and blame this on the recent wars in the middle east, we can worry and blame the greedy bankers and governments that fuelled and fed the housing bubble before it popped. We can blame any and all but you can also choose to stop worrying and blaming and start to direct your attention onto what you actually want. A novel idea I know!

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It will be commensurate of the government to give any and all employees who’s job it will cut some kind of retraining or compensation package and it is how you use this that can determine your own relative security in the months and years to come.

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It is all too easy to concentrate on the problems we face to the point it will eventually immobilise and in worst cases lead to depression and ill health. Which could be good if you have an insurance policy, maybe good for only 12 months though! On the other hand how about exploring your options in terms of what you can do for yourself about your current situation and how to move into the future with more confidence in yourself and how you will feel?

This is a golden opportunity to take a look at your life in terms of your wants, needs and expectations. A time to set some meaningful goals and a time to learn ways to run your own brain. To get out of patterns of negative thoughts and concentrate on what you really want to experience, achieve and do in your life.

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So here is the solution – Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training Course. The Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner training is not a therapy course per say, though all participants through exercises will become more confident, find higher self esteem and in general will be more able to live life in the ways that matter the most. It is a course that delivers the most effective life and communication skills you can learn.

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There has never been a time, now, more important to be investing in your future. NLP Practitioner Training’s in Newcastle upon Tyne begin in September ( 10 month ) and January 2011 ( 6 month ). They are lots of fun, you will make great new fiends and you will meet like minded people who are choosing to continue their personal and professional evolution.

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