Ericksonian Methods and Stories for Working with Pain in the 21 Century : June 15-16

A workshop on using Ericksonian methods for the 21 century from Nigel Hetherington and Phil Jeremiah.

Your clients have pain and the trust you to do something anything so that you can help them somehow, even if it’s just a little bit of relief or something very much more. Your clients can have any combination of physical and psychological pain from anxiety to neuropathic pain that is non responsive to drugs.

You have pain when you’re searching for inspiration or yet another technique after the tools you have learned and mastered,  have failed.  You basically start over thinking, and move out of your creative intuition, your wisdom, and begin to panic, fuelling all the thinking, and techniques that in that moment won’t feel congruent to you and most likely not to your clients either.

When the technique fails, the real learning and work begin

There is a deep wisdom in storytelling. This is what Erickson, whether just a little indirect or very indirect  is famous for. This is the same story telling for healing that Aldus Huxley, a good friend of Erickson incorporates both directly and overtly in his book Island. Advocating healing at levels that are associative, indirect and sometimes an ordeal to experience and as such either bypassing too much thinking mind resistance or utilising the thinking mind frustrations.

Working holistically with your client, you really do want to deeply validate their pain and genuinely express your compassionate understanding of their entire situation. This is a true way to begin an organismically honest interaction. This is also a key to feeding your spontaneity and intuition in the work you will do with your client together and apart.

Some of the specific areas for exploration will be: the complexity of pain management, symptom imperative, constructing metaphors/embedded nested loops, double binds for conscious and unconscious processing, naturalistic trance, ordeal and tasking, completing gestalts, the use of mythology, philosophy and psychology, placebos possibilities and playfulness.

Information points for this training

  • Specifically for practising / experienced therapists
  • We are stressing this is an experimental workshop, where we can offer frame works for story telling where this is likely to be some techniques though don’t expect them, rather stories for the transmission of ideas of change and healing.
  • Developing your creativity, intuition and spontaneity
  • Being yourself and not some Erickson clone.

Phil and Nigel have been working with and teaching hypnosis for more than forty five years combined and they are still learning. Nigel and Phil have trained with the likes of  Ernest Rossi, Jeffrey Zeig, Sidney Rossen, Steve Gilligan and Bill O’Hanlon and together have just about every article and book by and about Erickson. And … are still learning. This is an invitation to come and join us and enjoy the wonderment, artistry, wisdom and genius of Milton Hyland Erickson and yourself.

Newcastle upon Tyne
June 15-16
Price £150

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