The Essential Body Balance Workshop : 2 Day Hands on October

Excruciating back and neck pain really drags you down. Bad mobility affects your mood and spoils your day. Every day aches over time pulls you down like a dripping tap, always there in the background, distracting and annoying.

Essential Body Balance Workshop Newcastle

How would it be if you can learn the skills to heal and maintain a balanced body for pain free movement and the joy that brings?

Two weeks ago while out walking in the morning my sciatic nerve, I don’t know why or how, was really, really stinging. A common occurrence for many people. The uncommon and something you can do for yourself solution is three simple, repeated hands on moves. In less than 10 minutes that pain was gone.

Neck pain is very common and most of the time, in quite little time its possible with two sets of moves you can do to yourself to recover and keep your free flowing flexibility.

On the Essential Body Balance Workshop for Health and Wellbeing you will deeply learn through repetition and practice a complete Body Balance Recipe:

  • Easy Back and Neck Maintenance
  • Easy Legs and Knee Maintenance
  • Easy Shoulder and Core Maintenance

You know pain and immobility are bad and came make you sad. Come along to learn how you can help yourself and your friends to maintain free flowing flexibility. When you are moving in comfort you feel good.

This hands on training is completely about transmission of both mechanical skill and the sincerity and belief to transmit something more than a physical treatment. Activating the psyco-somatic healing, balance and longevity.

Andy Webb works with up to 70 people a week including post cancer patients, muscular injury and has decades of experience distilled into one weekend of what is especially good for your bodily health.

Ten places available

£100 per person

Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne

5-6 October 2019

Feel great and confident you can help yourself and your friends away from discomfort and pain and towards long term health, mobility and the joy that free movement brings in your life.

Anticipate making a great decision and

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