NLP Practitioner Newcastle August 2019 – Chasing Rainbows

This is your 9 day NLP Practitioner training August 2019. A fun and exciting opportunity to totally enhance your life and potentially change direction to something that is much more than just about you and you are very important. This is the first step to training in becoming a hypnotherapy practitioner.

Here is one post from my newsletter that one of my readers shared back with me very recently. Hope this is more that useful for you. Here we go …

NLP Training Newcastle upon Tyne

I am as certain as I can be that in your life there are
People who are quite literally awesome.

One of them is you.

Not the kind of “Awesome” that people scream just
Before an ice cream arrives. Not the kind of “Awesome”
That some will say when their dreadful boss rings in sick
For a week. No, this kind of Awesome is really something else!

This is the type of Awesome that you feel in your bones, that
You know and whole heatedly resonate with and pours
Light and goodness into your life. Specifically those wonderfully
Unique and true friends that are inspirational,
Loving and make the world seem so much a better place.

Hope you are making the picture right now.

Well, one of my dearest friends sent me an email announcement
a little while ago. When I read the last lines I was genuinely
Dropped did the ‘eye roll’ ( this has something to do with EMI )
That seems to be a universal metaphor. They said they were
Going to Stop Chasing Rainbows.

So I have been again enjoying listening to a great
Audio called ‘Creating Your World The Way You Really
Want it To Be’ by Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Wayne Dyer mentions one of his earliest teachers was
Abraham Maslow. Wayne goes on to offer three characteristics
Of ‘Higher Consciousness’ or Self Actualising or Highly
Functioning people that Maslow personally shared with him.

I trust these are characteristics that you know you have already
So you can develop further as you further integrate these
Ways of being into even more aspects of your life.

  • Independent Of The Good Opinion Of Other People
  • Detached From Outcome
  • No Investment In Power And Control Over Others

These three principles can be summarized as moving to the
Rhythm and beat of your own tune. Unfolding and enfolding
Your own unique vision and following your own bliss.

My friend had stopped chasing rainbows and this had some
Thing to do with the characteristics that Dr Dyer describes.

Dr Dyer goes on to suggest he can evaluate really quite well
What he calls an ‘inauthentic person’ by those who violate the
Above three principles in his human interactions. You can too.

Enjoy chasing your rainbows and following your bliss.

Namaste and … NLP Practitioner August details right here

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