February NLP and Hypnotherapy Newcastle Practice Day : Sunday 10th

NLP if you have studied it and have gone a wee bit more than the techniques that have condensed out of modelling the best of the best offers one way to absorb and personify the kind of skills you might be dreaming of. Perchance to dream!

Skills come from Practice and Play

Beginning in February, there will be more of the monthly NLP and Newcastle Hypnotherapy practice group … and this is going to be on Sunday. I want to see how Sunday practice goes. It seems to work well for the church so here it is.

Newcastle NLP Practitioner

In addition to what is requested on the day, February NLP Newcastle Practice Group has the following ideas for exploration :

Being Present

This has applications for minimising psychological ( and physical ) pain and will be implementing some methods from Gestalt Therapy with some ideas from Zen.


Exploring how to recreate and access positive states so you can feel happier and ways to change or reduce negative states, again so you can feel happier.

Sunday 10th February
9.30am to 5pm
Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Only £20 for a full days Practice and Play in NLP

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