How to Create a Brilliant Future

Last night at the nlpcafe – Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practice group, I demonstrated a new and complete process I have developed for getting what you want while ensuring you respect and preserve you values.

How to create the future you want for yourself using some NLP processes and a whole bunch of tools and processes that are just not NLP – although the NLP Police may disagree!

Drawing from ideas from Judith De Lozier ( at the NLP Conference )
and Christina Hall, I have created a simple and robust process to

create the brilliant future you want and

to ensure the path you create has a heart.

This is a process you can run on your own or choose to have someone facilitate your creating your own experience. It will take around an hour to do it properly and thoroughly.

download this from my free nlp resources page – get on it!

nigel hetherington

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