Tips for Surviving Christmas

Here are some more of a series of tips that if you do them right will not only get you through Christmas smiling but the new year aswell!  These really are simple applied NLP processes.  For information about NLP courses in Newcastle and the North East click hereFor Newcastle and North East Clinical Hypnotherapy training click here.

Tip number five

Have you ever heard that old saying ‘Smile and the whole world smiles back at you?’ Its probably not entirely 100% true BUT
When you smile, a genuine smile ( not that half arsed stiff british upper lip ), people usually smile back.  You begin to change your own mood with just a little smile. Your brain and face get a little cooler.  Like Bandler said a long time ago saying the word ‘e’ or ‘ah’ over and over again have this effect. Its not new though, my Grandma told me to do it “Smile and the whole world smiles with you” – Cheers Stella – you knew it back then! For a lot of real science on this ‘smiling phenomena’ visit Bob Suttons page.

Tip number six

Holidays are almost upon us – hurrah!
Get out and walk for half and hour or more. There are literally hundreds of places, with trees, birds and even lakes that are within 30 minutes of Newcastle upon Tyne. The are also parks with lakes in Newcastle upon Tyne.  You will meet other people. As Hippocrates stated years ago “Walking is a mans best medicine” – Naturally this applies equally to men and women of both sexes. Wrap up warm and get some fresh air. Enjoy the left brain right brain contra-lateral exercises – yes – walking!

best wishes

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