How To Feel Better … For Christmas And Beyond … Using NLP

There can in my opinion be far too much importance weighted on feeling bad! Sorting out problems, Remembering what has been troubling you and then looking to make it feel better. Why not start on the Feeling Better experience?

NLP process can and do work equally as well with problem resolution as they do with showing you how you can start Feeling Better and Feeling Good!

Christmas and the impending New Year are times when people traditionally start new ventures, people come together sharing joy, love and connecting in renewed, warming and loving ways. A great place to begin this is re-discovering your own self love, drive and passion for the things you do and the people you love.


This is the first of three videos that will use Kevin Creedon’s excellent Cloud process to show you how you can enhance already positive experiences and interactions.

This first video is an opening and exploration of the concept, the second two videos will demonstrate the process.

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