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After Christmas and beginning New Year, come this January, if you are planning to advance your personal NLP evolution and make the move from ‘A’ Levels to a ‘Degree’ then let me invite you to seriously consider doing your North East NLP Master Practitioner in Newcastle upon Tyne with Communicating Excellence. North East NLP Master Practitioner training at its best.

I have recently completed my NLP Master Trainer with Dr Christina Hall and as part of the ongoing rigorous requirements I need to facilitate an additional 500 hours of training at NLP Master Practitioner Level. So … you can most definitely see I am very very juiced up and keen to do this … continuing my own NLP evoulution.

Now, I want to make a very special and time limited offer …

NLP Master Practitioner Training Half Price …

If booked before January 2010

There are many training providers who offer training at NLP Master Practitioner Level.

So what are some of the differentiating factors that may make this NLP Master Practitioner training particularly appealing for you?

  • Not a 5 day compressed course, this is 126 directly supervised hours.
  • Training over six months.  One module Friday-Sunday per month.
  • Cost of just £1145 Now only £500 if booked before January 2010.
  • Optional coaching for a NLP based project to put your skills into practice.
  • Real NLP Modelling
  • NLP Analytical modelling
  • Communicate and act with real congruence
  • Increase your calibration skills
  • Content Imposition and when to use it
  • Develop powerful and enabling language patterns
  • Clean Languaging and Clean Therapy ™
  • Thinking and acting in terms of process
  • The Metaphorical nature of language and its use
  • Use your own submodalities of success to get more of what you want
  • Realistically set outcomes and motivate yourself to achievement
  • Enhance your conscious unconscious relationship

For Full NLP Master Practitioner course details, dates and To Book Your Place click here.

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