How to make better decisions

On 12 Feb 2008 the BBC showed a Horizon episode entitled ‘How to make better decisions’

Two particularly interesting stories within the program demonstrated that our decision making process can be influenced by and from others ( surprise surprise ) and that we can then alter the ‘rational’ behind our own decision processes to suit our internal worlds.

click here to watch a short clip on choice blindness

One that I particularly liked was the process called ‘priming’. This test involved handing the unwilling test subject either a cup of warm coffee or cold coke for a minute or so previous to them meeting some person. After they were asked if they would give the person they met a job. Those who were primed with a warm object to hold mostly said yes and those primed with a cold drink mostly said no.

click here to watch highlights from the program

So not forgetting what the experimenter sets out to prove, or the thinker thinks ( bob wilson ) do beware of being handed warm drinks ….. you could just be being primed!!

to watch the whole BBC Horizon show click here

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