Observable and Lead Trance

This little gem, a script and mp3 comes from Newcastle based
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist Chris Burrow

The script demonstrates aspects of pacing and leading as well as a variety of Milton Model patterns.

Listen to Chris’s relaxing voice on this mp3 and here is the Trans script

Are we all sitting comfortably – then I will begin.

As you sit and listen to .. the sounds around us .. and the tone of my
voice, how it changes as we talk here … and your comfort in the chair…
in that way, I wonder – how easily you have noticed what .. temperature
difference … between your hands?
And as your breathing … in and out, and noticing other sensations – you
begin to notice… and the feeling of your feet firmly on the ground … I
am wondering how did you know… how to really relax.
As you feel the comfort of the chair as it can support you here, and the
motion of the air in this room… how easy can your mind help …. learn
comfort and relaxation in deep learning.
And as your comforting …. thoughts you are having begin to relax into your
mind and open new connections, and directions … that just make so much
sense. And in a moment, you can find yourself .. falling deeply …. deeply into a
normal state of exquisite consciousness and awareness with feelings of …
comfort in your body, and deep … happiness in your mind… (deep breath)

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