Humour In Therapy And Coaching DVD

Humour In Therapy & Coaching DVD

When we remember even just one of the times when we have quite literally cried laughing, we remember something else too! We remember that honest laughter more then makes us feel very good, we remember laughter can be one of the greatest and most powerful of healers.

This comprehensive six DVD set “Humour In Therapy & Coaching” is an absolute gold mine for any of us serious about using humour in our therapy and coaching practices. As well as a powerful, safe and fresh approach, this DVD set is an extremely thought provoking recording from a fantastic two day workshop.

  • Rich in Content and Process Examples
  • Non-liner Learning
  • Exercises and Drills
  • Full Sessions
  • Session Debriefing

Phil provides training, motivational speaking and support to organisations in the use of humour. Laughter in the workplace is proven to reduce symptoms of stress and can promote good team working in a fun way with groups or individuals. This two day workshop offers us the opportunity to experiment with, understand why and how, and develop confidence in using humour in coaching or therapy.

It’s a must for your development and an even greater must for right now – with our economic and social structures all in turmoil, we could all do with a little humour to help us frame it in ways that are useful to and for us and to and for our clients.

Paula McCormack – UK Social Leaders Coach

Phill Jeremiah’s ‘Humour Worx’ using humour in therapy is a seriously humorous, often irrelevant and completely client centred way of working. This approach helps even the most stuck clients make beneficial changes. A ‘Bubble’ session has the gentle power to help shift clients from problem states to resource states and create lasting and powerful change. In the ‘Bubble of Possibility’ anything and everything is possible …

With 20 years plus experience in using a humour based approach, maybe you are ready to come on this exciting journey into the Bubble Of Possibility … So … What is the Bubble Of Possibility?

Nigello, Yes Phil has lit a fire. Now I will now illuminate you!

Jay Arnot

The 6 disc DVD from Phil Jeremiah will guide you through a full weekend’s workshop so you get the skills, techniques, processes and a structure to using Humour In Therapy & Coaching as an integral part inside your client and coaching practice.

Buy this comprehensive DVD of a full two day workshop with Phil right now.

I thoroughly enjoyed Phil’s workshop. Apart from the actual content, which was fascinating, his slick delivery meant that the weekend flew by. He is a superb and extremely humorous presenter, who could give many comedians a run for their money! He brought the topic to life through a wide range of actual examples and life experience. Thought Provoking Dialogue is a brilliant tool which complements other approaches. I have used it regularly since to great effect.”

Carol Barwick

Phil Jerimiah has been providing training in the UK and Europe for over 20 years to a wide range of professionals and organisations and has worked in the field of personal development for even longer. He was a qualified Senior Mental Health Social Worker, approved under the Mental Health Act 1983. Phil has extensive training and a wealth of experience in the fields of adult psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnosis, brief therapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Life coaching and clinical risk assessment in mental health.

I attended the workshop for Thought Provoking Dialogue (TPD) without any prior knowledge of what this therapy actually meant in terms of therapeutic change work. I listened to Phil Jeremiah who explained what TPD was and also observed him whilst he carried out this work in his metaphorical “Bubble of Possibilities”. All I can say is that when the change happened, for whoever sat in that bubble with him, it was almost palpable as I sat in the audience and witnessed the change happening to that person in front of me. I got into the bubble with Phil Jeremiah and can say without reservation that he is an exceptionally skilled therapist, indeed at times it was as if he could read my mind before even I knew what was on it. I have heard and read the statement that TPD is not for everyone! I would disagree with that and say it is a necessary part of any therapists toolbox if they are committed to facilitating change for the client and, therefore, would urge all therapists to attend Phil Jeremiah’s TPD workshop and get one of the most skilled therapists to teach this art to them

Christine Brock

So, here it is a DVD of a Humour Worx weekend. This is specifically for therapists, coaches, change workers and anyone interested in adding and incorporating a real dimension into how you work with clients.

When I first did the ‘Thought Provoking Dialogue’ weekend course with Phil Jerimiah, I was not sure of what to expect. What I found was a very fun way of resolving problems, that was both rapid and very effective. The processes used are very well structured as is the teaching methodology, which involves clear explanations along with actual practice of the processes involved. All in all an excellent piece of therapeutic technology.

Huw Dampney

Buy this 6 DVD set covering the entire weekends training with an extra complementary CD audio ( mp3 ) of the entire weekend right away.

This is costing you £99. And that is nowt ( newcastilism ) to be demonstrate and actualise and integrate the process again and again.

Buy it now!

Laugh & Learn!!

Buy this now and you get the full weekend’s seminar of training that you can watch and learn again and again. Plus a bonus mp3 audio from the DVD.

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