Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner Training – Nigel Hetherington

NLP Master Practitioner training in Newcastle upon Tyne, eighteen days supervised training. Beginning September 2nd 2011, open to fifteen participants and excellent value at £695.

The Communicating Excellence NLP Practitioner is guaranteed to be fun, high energy and engaging so your learning is deep and guaranteed to enhance all of your NLP skills

So, having already completed your NLP Practitioner training, when you want to deepen your knowledge and application of NLP, an NLP Master Practitioner training may be exactly what you need.

Over 18 days this experiential training is specifically for those of us who are serious about continuing our NLP adventure. Continuing your journey, you will be mastering practice and practising mastery of NLP.

Because this is not a fast track or online study course, you will of course be really developing and honing your skills through lots of practice and doing. This is so you can more effectively work with yourself and real people over time. This way we are sure you get an excellent balance of time and most importantly practice to integrate your skills into all aspects of your life and work.

Some of the skills you will be learning and developing further are:

  • Real NLP Modelling
  • NLP Analytical modelling
  • Communicate and act with real congruence
  • Increase your calibration skills
  • Content Imposition and when to use it
  • Develop powerful and enabling language patterns
  • Clean Languaging and Clean Therapy ™
  • Thinking and acting in terms of process
  • The Metaphorical nature of language and its use
  • Use your own submodalities of success to get more of what you want
  • Realistically set outcomes and motivate yourself to achievement
  • Enhance your conscious unconscious relationship

You will engage in a modelling project and will be expected to demonstrate the new skills you have modelled.

This NLP Master Practitioner with Nigel Hetherington, Andy Hunt and Harry Knox will be fun, high energy and engaging so your learning is deep and guaranteed to enhance your NLP skills. This is probably the very best value NLP Master Practitioner training in the UK this year.

This training is for those of us who already hold an NLP Practitioner certification and want to move up and deeper into the application and knowledge of NLP.

For full details, dates and booking your place, click on NLP Master Practitioner Training Newcastle.

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