Humour In Therapy & Coaching Workshop : Newcastle April 21-22

Therapists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and all Professional Change Workers seem to me to require additional, unusual and precise methods. Having some structural and specialist methods to assist clients in creating the states that can honestly foster true and meaningful change in their life is important. Why?

Many change professionals become overly familiar with one or two techniques which will create positive changes for a high proportion of clients. When these methods fail more often than not the therapist becomes stuck and this is highly avoidable by adding some special strings to your bow.

Humour In Therapy Coaching DVD

And this workshop is not for everyone. Some counsellors, NLP’s and therapists will find this kind of safe, structural and humour based approach immoral, disrespectful or dangerous. And for those people they are dead right.

For the more creative, smart and open to experience a powerful change tool this may be the bow string you can rely on when the shot is a tricky one. Come and learn and experience 1:1 how Phil Jeremiah IV creates the states of change others can’t.

Humour in Therapy and Coaching is a two day workshop where you will get the inside structure of how Phil goes about his change work.

Workshop April 21-22 Newcastle upon Tyne

Costs £199 including a free copy of Humour In Therapy & Coaching 6 DVD set.

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