NLP Practitioner Training For Teachers And Parents : NLP Practitioner August School Holidays : Newcastle Upon Tyne 2012

NLP Training Newcastle upon Tyne. This is a fully Certified NLP Practitioner Training over 9 days that will give you valuable hands on tools to change the way you communicate with yourself and others so that you can effectively motivate, influence and learn new skills.

The valuable and powerful nine day training is only £595. This is the very best value NLP Practitioner in the UK. It is this price because now you require total value for your money and because Communicating Excellence are dedicated to the success of the people in our North East community.

An Excellent Pace Course – Specifically for those of us who are parents or teachers and can only do an NLP training in the school holidays because weekends are too precious.

An NLP Practitioner training specifically for parents and teachers and those of us who can only commit to a Newcastle NLP Practitioner training during the school holidays.  This training with Communicating Excellence is taking place during the 2012 UK school holidays from July to September. Nine days training and experiential learning from July 3oth until August 15th.  Monday to Wednesday each week over three weeks. Exceptional value at £595 which includes your SNLP certification.

This is also the last NLP Practitioner training from Communicating Excellence of this year before the August Clinical Hypnotherapy training course beginning. So if you want to become a certified clinical hypnotherapist by December this year this is the course for you.

I would 100% recommend this course. I have been on an incredible journey that has changed my life on so many levels. Thank you

Angela Lynn

NLP Practitioner Training In Newcastle For Teachers & Parents
Personal and Professional Evolution and Development. On a personal or professional level maybe you don’t know how to get the results you desire or you feel stuck, unable to change the way you think and feel. It may even seem like you are going round in circles chasing your tail.

Now as never before it is necessary to be able to able to make yourself understood at the personal and professional level. To be able to connect and to effectively influence. Its a real skill to understand and grasp new concepts quickly from others and to be able to communicate at all levels of human values and beliefs.

Whether you are considering NLP for personal or professional or a combination of the both, NLP will increase your ability to communicate much more effectively. This means your ability to quite literally speak and hear the deeper sensory specific language we all use will increase.

Life changing, life giving. An amazing journey begun. Love the fact you ( nigel ) are so available between the contact days. Many many thanks.

David Mills – Film Producer

NLP Practitioner Training In Newcastle For Teachers & Parents
Will Increase Your Interpersonal Skills through a series of structured and cross contextual exercises. Gaining additional confidence and perspectives of your own, you will be developing further and additional abilities as you are working with others. Working with others to facilitate coaching and change processes will give you the confidence and competence to work with a variety of people and ultimately, being more able to guide yourself towards your own outcomes in honest ethical ways.

“Get ready for a journey. This course is life changing, you learn so much. before I joined this course I had worked in Learning & Development for 6 years and thought I had a full toolkit, how my mind has been opened & my toolkit increased. For anyone, make this course happen for yourself.

Neil Black – Senior Training Consultant

NLP Practitioner Training In Newcastle For Teachers & Parents
Learn how your brain works and learn how to make your brain work for you. Many of the skills and models in NLP come from the structure of people’s subjective experience. You wont be surprised to know your brain and its workings are unique to you. But, specifically, how your brain does this has a structure. Part of using and learning to facilitate NLP techniques with other’s is having the experiences yourself. Here you may learn techniques that will make you feel different about things that have worried you or made you anxious for example public speaking or self sabotaging self talk. You will also learn how to optimise your thinking and actions to more fully support you in attaining your goals and outcomes.

NLP Practitioner Training In Newcastle For Teachers & Parents

  • This training is experiential and practical.
  • With these trainings, there is an emphasis in fun in learning.
  • Exceptional value at £595 including certification fee.
  • For personal and professional development in very affective communication.
  • Learn Coaching and Therapist techniques for change.


Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Dates: Monday – Wednesday

July 30-31 August 1, August 6-8, August 13-15

Cost £595

This training is hands on, interactive and fun. You’ll leave with new skills and understandings that will serve you well in all aspects of your life. You will receive a world recognised Society of NLP [ SNLP ] Certificate.

Book yourself a place right now using the link below. Secure booking and £150 deposit to guarantee your place.

Your deposit is non returnable. Should you be unable to attend this course your deposit will be moved to the next training course that suits you. See you at this next NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle upon Tyne in July and August.

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