New Year – STOP SMOKING – Newcastle

Therapists this New Year in Newcastle upon Tyne will see thousands of people want to STOP SMOKING.

People give up things for lent, they want to start and make great New Years Resolutions. Here in Newcastle ( where smoking is still a big thing ) people will want to give it up. Think of all the money a person can save especially in light of this global recession.

If a person smokes twenty a day that is about £30 per week and some £1500 per year, feeding the government and tobacco companies fat purses. Of course its not in the best interests of ongoing health either.

I am extremely selective about  the people I work with. I only want to work with people who really want to quit.

One person telephone me about stopping smoking and then went on to tell me how they were sure that I couldn’t help them and that they were probably waisting their money but, did want to try to stop. After about two minutes of this I put the phone down.

As a therapist see, from the offset, I suggest you only work with people who aren’t finding ever sucking excuse to continue their old habit.  They are looking for every excuse in the world to keep doing it, they have no commitment to pack it in.

This same person, called back and said that the phone when dead and I told them it hadn’t and that I had hung up. I explained that this was becasue it seemed to me they were trying to find every excuse to continue smoking.

Curiously enough they then asked how much I charge. I told them £85 for a two hour session. WHAT! £85 pound, they said, that is very expensive. It is, I agreed, and again I hung up again. Again they called back.

See think about it, £85 is nothing compared to what it costs to smoke. It is a very small price to pay to STOP SMOKING too. Think about it.

Now, I can interpret their calling back in at least two ways. Maybe they are a bit miffed that I hang up or maybe they do want to stop smoking and are coming to terms with a certain reality. For sure I am only interested in working with people who really want to quit.

It generally takes just one session.

If you really want to quite smoking and this is a really honest and deep desire. Get in touch, its much more than a possibility.

If you do want to make this New Years resolution and really want to change your life

call 0770 481 8467 or email

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