North East NLP Practice Group – January 2009 Laughter workshop

The NLP Cafe is back in the new year and taking one of the real true essences of life very seriously! Laughter!

This laughter workshop is hosted by Keith Adams of Voluntary Aspirations.

The event will be fun, stimulating and you will laugh out loud a lot.  There are a maximum of 18 places so be sure to book in advance to make sure you get in for the laughs.

Life today is very stressful. More than 70% of all illnesses have some relationship to stress. The best way to reduce stress is through laughter – its the best medicine and the least expensive. Research shows that laughter decreases stress hormones. Epinephrine is lowered both in anticipation of and doing laughter.

There is more. Laughter therapy helps to increase antibodies – its good for the immune system. Laughter stimulates heart and blood circulation. It is claimed that one minute of laughter is equal to ten minutes on the rowing machine. It also tones facial muscles and expressions – people look younger and are more fun when they laugh.

Laughter is socially bonding. It stimulates the creative side of the brain and leads to clear thinking.

Keith Adams

7-9 pm with all refreshments provided for just £10.00

St. Oswald’s Teaching Centre
Regent Avenue, Gosforth,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1EE


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