Newcastle NLP Practice Group : Saturday June 9th 2018

Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy practice group for a monthly practice day on Saturday. This coming June, Saturday 9th for a day of NLP and Hypnotherapy practice. Some prearranged topics and others will be decided on the day.

Following on from an engaging conversation about allergies, potential room hire and current favorite author; several topics for exploration have emerged. A few are as follows: Grace and gracefulness, how to see difference in the same way and useful reductionism.

Newcastle NLP Practice Group

Grace and Gracefulness

The eyes go forth to seek out a recommendation for the heart …” – Giraut de Bornelh

Trying to be or act with grace is a sure fire way to attain the opposite, whatever that may be. We can and do recognise Grace in others and I suggest that is how, without self reflection we know it.

I would like to explore what ‘we’ mean by grace, a state of grace and gracefulness as a way of both unfolding meaning and perhaps as way of feedback and even concocting some process to wake this up more in each of us.

What I suggest as an outset, is grace can have zero, sum and total thought as well as the observable behaviours others can notice. Seemingly connected to congruence, skills in a field and belief, it will be worth contrasting this with some of the politicians we love to dislike.


How to See Difference in the Same Way

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.” Romeo & Juliet

Conceptual blending is a term I can across in reading ‘Imagine’ one of the exceptional offerings from Jonah Lehrer. The idea is that seemingly intractable problems are solved ( or created ) when different fields of knowledge are blended.

I hade 20 minutes just sitting, watching, listening, feeling the river ( see above picture ). Noticing the different sounds, smells and sensations as I moved a little distance. I was thinking about quantum physics and chaos theory. Hobbies of mine. This is metaphorical conceptual blending.

Walking back home, I saw a group of Rambellers, rambelling. Out of a field, the came, like a flow, like a river. Discordant voices that as I approached ( remember the average age of a Rambler is over 90 ), became coherent, and as I passed the group, perhaps 30, their voices died down, like the past memories of before at the river.


Useful Reductionism

So, I mentioned my current fav. author. Well at the moment it reading Skin In the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. One of the layered ideas in this gem of a book is the idea of reductionism. That is making things simpler by subtraction.

Another different way to think of this is the mantra ‘neti neti’; Not this, not this as a way of reducing suffering in a cold climate. In terms of our every growing desire to read more self help books, find happiness and abstract themes like love and peace, what can we stop doing?

Newcastle NLP Practice Group

NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day Newcastle

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre

Date : Saturday June 9th

Only £20

18 Places maximum

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