NLP Cafe

The NLP Cafe is a fresh new NLP Practice group in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

The NLP Cafe is a structured NLP Practice Group in Newcastle upon Tyne. A different NLP process will be demonstrated each month. For an up to date list of upcoming practice processes please visit

Themes of excellence for NLP Processes and Techniques will be facilitated by Andy Hunt and Nigel Hetherington. The practice session will consist of an introduction to the process, followed by demonstrations then well structured and well supervised exercises. We will end the session with a discussion and generalisation of the process.

Participants will be given a complementary print out of the process demonstrated as well as the opportunity to purchase a reasonably priced DVD of the session.

The NLP Cafe

St. Oswalds Teaching Centre

Every second Wednesday evening of the month

From 7pm – 9pm

Refreshments will be provided

cost £10.00


Next Session on December 12th 2007 is


Time Lines for Future Successes


There are a maximum of 18 participant places available in the teaching centre

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