NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle upon Tyne : January – June 2013 @ £595

Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner is designed to demonstrate all of the basics of Neurolinguistic Programming tools and techniques and more so the attitude of freedom so participants like you can learn through experience how to have much more influence on our own emotional state and communicate more affectively. By learning some simple techniques you can learn to get your brain out of problem oriented ways of thinking, which usually make us feel bad, to getting your brain to do more of the things that make you feel better.

Put simply : NLP Rocks; and Nigel is to training what Eddie Van Halen is to rock guitar soloing. Might as well Jump

Simon Clark – Sports Health and Fitness Specialist

NLP Introduction Newcastle

This is not a lecture about how to get new skills. Demonstrateing the process and you get to experience it through practice. This training is all about learning through practice and doing.

Motivational in the way of speech and the use of humour. Laughter has helped the class to relax and promoted team work

Eugenia Lima – Learning supporter for learning disabilities

This developmental training is specifically focused on experiential learning so that you can develop a wider range of new and life changing techniques that really do give you sound skills to surmount difficult and challenging situations in a better frame of mind.

Nigel’s passion and commitment and ceaseless good humour made the learning experience incredulously easy and tremendous fun

Stuart Reading – Dentist

Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7BQ.

January-June : Friday-Sunday each month

Book Now @ 595

This very comprehensive 18 day training NLP Practitioner in Newcastle upon Tyne is £595. 18 NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle in January 2013 Check it out; similar trainings in London are 2K plus. Glad to be in the North East right!

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