Parts Sublimation in Hypnosis : Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle

This is a demonstration of a really exceptional process I learned on a training I did with Stephen Gilligan many years ago. What I am doing is a slightly reduced version and stays true to the idea of parts sublimation in hypnosis. One of the five change processes that are demonstrated with Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle.

For me there is a subtle difference between parts integration and parts sublimation. I will explain this in a while. The purpose of this process is, like many in the world of change working is to resolve conflict. Specifically internal conflicts on both the behavioural and psychological level.

Here is the recording of the process from the 2017 Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle upon Tyne.

First, for your client, identify something you want to do but instead do something else. This could be thinking, behaviour emotion; This is one definition of unaligned thought and behaviour. Like Hegel’s thesis and anti-thesis. Also a good definition of automatic, unconscious behaviour which is causing some conscious consternation.

Part One : Parts Sublimation : Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle

For this change process this is the idea for change. A pretty typical description of what is happening. Here are some common examples so you get the flavor of this.

  • I want to lose weight, but instead I end up eating a packet of crisps.
  • I want to study, but instead I go out partying.
  • I want to do X but instead I do Y

I want to do X but instead I do Y. This will seem familiar if you are human. Quite often the more conscious disdain for a behaviour or a way of being is often overshadowed by an automatic or unconscious way of being.

Part Two : Parts Sublimation : Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle

Elicit at least three stories that have personal significance and meaning. Take your time with this and make sure you have both a verbal and kinesthetic / affective / emotional representation of this from your client. In this process all of a person, place and thing will be useful.

It’s important to really absorb this yourself as a facilitator. Notice the time that is used wisely in eliciting these three stories and also note the way I am recording this in my own neurology. Way beyond paraphrasing or reflective counseling.

I am re-telling the stories as if they are my experiences as much as possible and checking that I have got this good enough to connect at a level that resonates.

Part Three : Parts Sublimation : Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle

A somatic representation of X and Y. Two distinct physical representation of each state. Where your client can SLOWLY move between while you utilise those three stories as part of a trance exploration.

At this Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle, I work with Ruth, ensuring that both states, what is wanted and what is not wanted is both appreciated and valued for what it is. The hypnotherapy is utilising both the information and meaning from her stories of personal meaning.

The moving slowly is a conscious involvement in the ongoing change process, avoiding the kind of sleeping trance as much as possible. And notice that there is no bias from me, as the facilitator, from speaking about ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’ with respect to a particular somatic/physical position.

The outcome, as the facilitator is a sublimation of both aspects. To transcend and include both parts. In such an evolution in creating a perspective the holds both parts and sees beyond both. Valuing each perspective and behaviour.

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