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Last week at Kung Fu, after training one of the students remarked “I have a long way to go
I replied “look how for you have come in the past six months I see the progress you’ve made compared to others“, I smiled, he smiled back
but I don’t compare myself to others” he said.

Once upon a space the time is 1953. Everyone knows that it is quite literally, no matter what, it is impossible for a human being to run a mile in less than four minutes. That ‘well known fact’ was destined to change.

Roger Bannister a 25 year old medical student prepared for the race of a life time with two colleges, Chataway and Brasher. Both men were to act as pacemakers for Bannister in the race. They had helped Bannister prepare for the race in the weeks before in Paddington Green in London.

A mild English summer day with a blustery breeze was the setting on the 6th May 1954. This was the day when Roger Bannister would make new history. The race took place on the Iffley road track in Oxford. Running for the Amateur Athletic Association Bannister set off a a cracking pace behind his first pacemaker Brasher and when Brasher visibly tired Chataway tookover. In the last incredible, demanding and record breaking 200 yards Roger sprinted to the front and gave it his all in crossing the line.

On hearing that the 4 minute mile barrier had been broke the crowd erupted in celebration and cheers and made lots of noise too. Roger Bannister’s new record time was 3mins 59.4 and this was achieved in a 15mph crosswind.

And what is even more incredible is that following Bannisters record breaking feat others, buoyed by his success soon began to replicate and better his achievement. The very next month John Landy recorded 3mins 57.9

If one person can do it then others can do it too

Is one of the operating-beliefs of NLP. You could adopt this belief temporarily in contexts where you have evidence that other people have some skill, success, attitude that you have not yet accessed yet…

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