Simply Lovely

Here is a very simple very lovely thing to do.

Its not really hypnotherapy but you could say its a beneficial hypnosis process.  Its the sort of process that you could be shown on a NLP Practitioner training, this is an example of putting such a process into a really worthwhile practice.

I met my partner on a NLP practitioner Training in Newcastle and again on a Hypnotherapy training in Newcastle and that was before we became partners!

This one is for people who would like to feel even more love for their partner or special friend whichever it really is about feeling more love.

Here is the process and its very simple, run it on yourself and make sure you build up really strong feelings and notice and amplify any noises you make as do this.  You know sounds like MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  1. Make yourself really comfortable – I suggest sitting down
  2. Close you eyes
  3. Think back to one time around when you first met your partner
    • What they were wearing, where you were, how they smelled, what you were doing, what they feel like ( if you touched ), how they sounded, what their eyes look like, any sensations and feelings that are aroused in you
    • go back inside this memory and re-experience in as much detail as you can, make a movie of this experience in stereo surround sound and vivid colour add in feelings, feeling and taste and touch
    • run this movie from start to finish three time slower and slower each time so you can really savour it
  4. Repeat Step 3 another two times with a different, and really pleasurable experience with you partner or special friend
  5. Now, open your eyes and imagine your partner in full colour and full life size standing just in front of you smiling looking at you in that special way.
  6. close you eyes and run your three movies you just made, back to back and at at least tripple speed, at the end of the third movie, open you eyes and see your partner there smiling and right there in front of you
  7. notice what happens when you next see your special friend or partner ( maybe they are both ) in the flesh and after you connect, notice how much more love you will and can feel now, and for the rest of your life – if you choose to want it this way.

Have fun and lots of Love

nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy

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