Self Application – Swiss Ball

Our NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapy Training courses in Newcastle do emphasise self application. You can learn the basics including plenty of self application on our NLP Introduction days or December Hypnosis introduction weekend workshop.

One of the really great things about applied NLP is applying it to yourself. John Grinders ‘New Code NLP’ has a very large component of ‘activating new neural circuitry’ in order to affect change. New code games have as one of their design variables the using of contra-lateral ( each side of the body and brain ) motions.

This is of course the principle of many ‘new age systems’ like New Code or Brain Gym exercises. Go back a little further still to Yoga. Its not new in fact its very very old the ideology of using the whole body in motion to affect beneficial change.

Running for some distance has exactly the same principle effects. For those who prefer the comfort of their own home and an exercise ball here is a very simple yet effective change process.

Please take all necessary precautions for your own safety and well-being when using exercise equipment.

click SwissBall to access the three step process in PDF format

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