the Meta Model Easier Made – Part 14

Its good, useful and certainly important to know what you really want. To know what you do want, when and where you want it and how you will know you have it are particularly valuable. Its easy to go and create a list things you want. Things you want can include material possessions, like cars, books and clothes or internal states like, increased motivation to achieve ‘X’, or to feel centered, now, it may be something like ‘more aptitude with physical coordination when I am doing ‘Z”. Its really necessary to be as specific as you are able to be specific about what exactly it is you want, that’s so cool! Its obvious that this specification about what you want, perhaps its something really easy and extremely useful like improving ones meta-modelling skills, begins a processes, both internal and external, that can bring about a realisation of what you want and how to get it, now, that’s really interesting ain’t it! And that is what the meta-model is about, being specific, exploring the assumptions and engendering response-ability. Socrates thought this was a good idea, if the ‘Socratic questioning’ model is to be believed’.

the Meta Model essentially does two things when used ‘as intended’

  1. It assist stuck clients to change – Therapeutic
  2. It gets high quality information – Business / Pleasure / Therapeutic

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Hold on, the more you feel your getting to grips with these Meta Model interventions are a set of specific verbal responses to a set of very specific words and phrases. Its really easy, so, not so surprisingly ‘clients’ and people are using them all the time, take note, its easy to say and do, just like your full and complete learning, your getting language in a new way…

the Art of Applied NLP is when and in what contexts to apply these specific verbal responses so as not to lose friends and alienate yourself.

The Meta Model – Therapeutic Process (14)

Please note that when you use this ( or any ) process with clients you are at best creating a context where they can change their own situation.

In psychotherapy you change no one. People change themselves. You create circumstances under which an individual can respond spontaneously and change. That’s all you do. The rest is up to them” – Milton Erickson

Now lets get down to doing with just a few examples. The example will take the form of a ‘clients’ verbalisation of a problem and the specific ‘form’ of the Meta Model response for this particular problem – got the picture already?

Notice there is no requirement to know the labels for these ‘responses’.

One thing that really is worth keeping in mind if you choose to practice recognising from and responding to in this way to others ( or your self ) –
do do it respectfully and with rapport!

The ‘problems’ or stuck states statements are presented in RED and the verbal responses in GREEN

Your smiling at me that way makes me feel nervous!

What times have you felt nervous before and I haven’t smiled?
Its your interpretation of what my smile means that you say is making you nervous!
Are you saying that EVERY time I smile you get nervous – what if I wasn’t here?
How does that happen?

IF she gets that job THEN we can be sure of improved performance

Are you suggesting that the only way we can have improved performance IS her getting the job?
So you are suggesting that improved performance will only be credited to and caused by her?
How will her not getting the job necessitate an impossible performance improvement?
THEN IF she doesn’t get the job were finished? There is absolutely no other way in the universe to improve performance – IS this what you actually mean?

My lack of concentration
me miss the deadline

What caused your lack of concentration?
You need to change your strategy!
So if you could concentrate you could make the deadline. Think about it!
Since you concentrating now, The deadline is extended one hour away – get on it!

My boss is making me feel unhappy and stressed

What specifically has been stressing for you?
How are you choosing to respond such that you have felt unhappy?
Thats awful! You must be feeling so very unhappy and incredibly stressed out, aww thats sooooo terrible. Sometimes I think there is really no point to life. Ha just kidding, so what’s the first things are you gona do about it first?
When did you give your boss permission to do that to you? ( thanks Ian )

All this dark weather it makes you sad doesn’t it.

It might make you sad, me, I feel great, you know.
Shut up and tell me, You can recall what light weather is like, can’t you!
What did you think about it before you make that particular assessment?
No. Im looking forward to spring mornings and summer evenings BUT you probably cant even understand what I mean BECAUSE your way too sad to…

All of the above ‘interventions‘ take the form of a response to recognising a description of some unspecified ownership of of a belief or value, where the performer or person issuing the statement is to all intents and purposes unidentified.

Lets take two hot topics ( content ) and apply the appropriate response ( process ) to the statement.


Its important to respect scientific beliefs and values

Says who?
Important compared to what?
Important to who?

Or more provocatively

Or what will happen?


Its important to respect religious beliefs and values

Says who?

Important compared to what?
Important to who?

Or more provocatively

Or what will happen?



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