Tips for Surviving Christmas

Here are some more of a series of tips that if you do them right will not only get you through Christmas smiling but the new year aswell!  These really are simple applied NLP processes.  For information about NLP courses in Newcastle and the North East click hereFor Newcastle and North East Clinical Hypnotherapy training click here.

Tip number three

The indulgence guilt complex.  What does that mean you may ask.  Good question.  Christmas for many of us is a time for family and friends, its also a time for excess.  Excess food, excess drink, even excess excess.  Here is a simple recipe for guilt free Christmas indulgence.  You can do this two ways, Firstly you can recognize ahead of time that you are about to indulge or have excess.  Here is the choice point.
DONT DO IT!  This may be a step two far huh?  The second way is to prepare in advance.  If you have even the slightest inclination that you will feel bad or hate your behavior or worse, yourself the next day – address the issue before hand.
Tell yourself that the ‘coming excess’ is a seasonal indulgence and you love all of you before and after the event and during that period of mild convalescence the next day, remind yourself how loverly you are.

Tip number four

How often do you watch or listen to the news on either the television or the radio or the Internet?  One sure way to depress yourself is to be at home to bad news.  Lets face it bad news sells.  One of my best friends describes this as the ‘Train Wreck Complex’.  If we were present at a car or train wreck we would ‘probably’ stay and watch, disaster sells.  Free yourself from the tyranny of bad and depressing news. STOP watching and listening to the bad news. Do this for a week and simply notice what happens to your attitude and your mood.

best wishes

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